When it comes to making children understand or learn about something specific, ensure that the method used to help children learn should be executed in a fun and innovative way. Their attention span is very small, and it becomes crucial to create an engaging way to grab their attention. Choosing a top American school in Ajman could prove useful. They would inculcate interesting and appealing ways to encourage students to learn as it is a new language and learn it could take a while. Let’s look at how to make the study sessions fun for the kids to help them learn Arabic easily.


To start teaching the Arabic language from the basics, it is better to start with the sound of the letters and words. There are several ways the alphabet can be tuned into music or nursery rhyme format. The songs can be sung and danced upon by the children. Grasping a melodious song is easier for the kids, and this technique helps them remember, and when the action is joined with the music, it makes a fun memory for them.

Visual Representation

Another way is to write and learn, but using the modern form of teaching methods. You can make them color the alphabet and highlight it. As they say, when you write something, it is imprinted in your mind. With children drawing and coloring the alphabet, they memorize the shape and color, eventually learning it. This kind of activity probably makes them able to write the words.


Kids learn greatly from expressions, and they can start learning word to word by relating to the expression and the things used in day to day life. In this manner, they can begin learning big words but in a very basic style. They may not be able to form sentences, but they can call out the words when associated with things and expressions. This kind of teaching method has been renowned for years and proven beneficial.


When teachers feel that the children will recall the words and letters, they start arranging them in a particular way and check if the students will focus and say it out loud. That is how the skill of reading is taught in young children.