Cognia Accreditation

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City American School is Accredited by Cognia.

Cognia offers accreditation and certification, assessment, professional learning, and improvement services to institutions and other education providers. As a global nonprofit working in over 80 countries, Cognia serves 36,000 institutions, nearly 25 million students, and five million educators every day.

Obtaining Cognia’s accreditations means that educators at CAS understand the unique needs of every learner and tailor the education experience to drive student success. The school was evaluated with a set of standards including but not limited to the quality, student learning, professional outcomes, and whether the school is using data-based research to improve its curricula and student services.

What is the impact of this accreditation on CAS students?

Accreditation impact on student outcomes is the principal gauge of education’s effectiveness and accreditation. Earning Cognia accreditation certainly demonstrates that the quality of education, student achievement, and the holistic development of each learner is school’s utmost priority along with their health and safety.

The accreditation reflects all the constant hard work and efforts of CAS team in the classroom delivering instructions, analyzing the data, providing assessments and examining CAS students’ work. Communication and engagement with parents to keep them updated regarding their child’s progress, be it academically and socially, has been one of the school’s strengths.