Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

As the best kindergarten school in Ajman, our curriculum is centered on our students and their developmental needs. Students at the kindergarten level are eager to explore the world that surrounds them. Through an active and innovative form of learning, and hands-on experiences, our students will develop a variety of age-appropriate skills. These skills encompass intellect, physicality, societal awareness, emotional intelligence, cognition, and semantics. The American curriculum for kindergarten students involves a multitude of learning experiences that are grounded on a meaningful understanding of early childhood development. These practical experiences are established daily within an integrated process curriculum that follows California U.S. curriculum standards for Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) US standards.

1.English Language Art and literacy: Listening and Speaking – Reading – Writing to assess their English language proficiency

2.Math: Counting and Cardinality- Operations and Algebraic Thinking – Measurement and Data – Geometry to help students prepare for math

 3.Science:  Physical Sciences – Life Sciences – Earth and space sciences. 

4.Personal & Social Development: 

Children start to demonstrate positive attitudes, social skills, critical thinking, ability to solve problems, independence, an awareness of health and safety practices, and an awareness of their surroundings in order to build a foundation for lifelong participation in and appreciation for healthy living.

5.Physical education: Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills

6.Creative Art: drawing, painting, and cutting, pasting, and playing with dough…etc.

The program at our American kindergarten curriculum based in Ajman, offers an extensive inclusion of all the critical learning spaces and wholly coordinates every curricular region of learning through the program. We focus on delivering all-inclusive lesson plans in our interactive classrooms, flexible instructing styles, assessing different learning standards, and stimulating activities that engage students, as well as permit room for learning opportunities through inquiry-based exploring. Students will be exposed to concrete, real-world activities to enable their knowledge of the space surrounding them. Students will actively learn through purposeful play, as they will be exposed to deliberate guidance through entertainment.


Kindergarten Assessment Process

*At the end of each theme or unit, a formal assessment process of the child’s achievement is conducted. 

*A Mid-Term Progress Report evaluation in terms of the children’s acquisition of daily concepts is then reported at the end of each term. Each child is formally assessed in terms of his/her social, cognitive, creative, and physical development, and a Report Card is submitted to parents. 

*At the end of each term, each child is formally assessed in terms of his/her social, cognitive, creative, and physical development, and a Report Card is submitted to parents

KG1& KG2 School Timings

School Timings Monday-Thursday Friday
Kindergarten (KG1 & KG2)

7:30 am – 12:00 pm


Dismissal timings:

Own transportation: 12:25 pm

Bus transportation: 12:05 pm

7:30 am – 11:25 am


Dismissal timings:

Own transportation: 11:50 pm

Bus transportation: 11:30pm


KG1& KG2 Period Schedule

Arrival and pick up rules

  1. Staff supervision will start at 7:00 a.m.; therefore, parents are fully responsible for dropping their child before this time.
  2. The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 1:20 PM. Children are not allowed to be picked up before that time.
  3. The morning assembly starts at 7:45 AM. Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter; therefore, please encourage your child to say goodbye to you at the main entrance and enter independently.
  4. The entrance door to our kindergarten in Ajman will be closed from 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM daily.
  5. The school will be responsible for the caretaking of students until 1:45 PM. There will be no staff to supervise children staying after the mentioned time. Any child left in the kindergarten premises must then be enrolled in the Waiting Room Activities or Clubs. Details will be provided upon request.
  6. If you’re going to be detained for any reason at all, please notify the school immediately.
  7. If you have to take your child early, please drop by the Kindergarten office and get an authorization form signed by the KG Head. Students cannot be released without the authorization form.

Attendance / Punctuality
Absence and Tardiness

  1. Classes begin at 8:00 AM and students are expected to be in school at 7:45 a.m.
  2. Parents of late students will have to report and explain the tardiness to the supervisor before the child is admitted to class.
  3. Continuous tardiness of students arriving late to school is extremely disruptive to the class, disturbs the child’s learning process, and displays lack of disciplines.
  4. If your child will be absent, kindly inform the school.
  5. If your child is absent for more than two consecutive days, a medical report is required from his / her physician stating the kind of illness.

School Uniform / Clothing

  1. Kindly dress your child in our high quality school uniform daily.
  2. White socks and black shoes.
  3. No open sandals or flip-flops are allowed.
  4. Girls in the KG Section should wear white stretch/ cotton shorts under the pinafore.
  5. White tights for girls (in winter).
  6. During winter students should wear a school jacket only.
  7. Label all jackets and sports uniforms.
  8. Spare clothes: please send a change of clothes to school with your child (including underwear). This will be kept in the classroom in case of any emergencies. Please make sure that the spare clothes are properly labeled with your child’s name and ID number.


Your child should have breakfast before (s)he comes to school. S(he) should have on the labeled lunchbox a morning snack.

😊 Allowed: 

  • A water flask – mineral water
  • Sandwiches, the filling can include cheese, labneh, Jams, sliced cold meats, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • A whole fruit is preferable to juice
  • Cookies/muffins (not creamy)

😞 Not allowed:

  • All kinds of nuts (due to allergies)
  • Eggs (hard-boiled eggs or egg sandwiches)                                                    
  • Meat like a hotdog or hamburger
  • Chocolate, candy, chewing gum, and lollipops.
  • Junk food like potato chips.
  • Fizzy drinks bottles or cans

Events / Activities:

During the school year, the kindergarten students celebrate and participate in the following activities and events:

  • Flag Day
  • UA.E. National Day
  • Islamic Events and occasions
  • International / Global Days/Events
  • Mother’s Day
  • Color Days for KG 1
  • Charity Days
  • KG1 End of Year Celebration
  • KG 2 Graduation Ceremonies