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We offer an affordable, quality international American Curriculum.

CAS teaches an American curriculum and follows the California Common Core State Standards, which provides a framework for curriculum consistency across grades K-12 in alignment with research-based trends and ongoing developments within this curriculum worldwide, and in the USA. CCSS is supported by the U.S State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools and the Overseas Schools Advisory Council.

We are part of an Educational group

We are operated by READ – R Education and Academic Development which is the education arm of R Holding. Being part of this group provides CAS with outstanding international learning connections, quality assurance and excellent governance.

We are an applicant status of Advanced / Cognia accredited international school

CAS is one of the only American private schools in Ajman to process AdvancED / Cognia starting from the first year, a globally recognized standard of excellence through which students are accepted to the best international universities.

Cognia works with schools to establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education. Colleges and employers look more favorably upon students who have come from a Cognia accredited school.

We have some of the best facilities of any school in Ajman

Our sports field is one of the best, with real, well-maintained grass and lighting. A large multipurpose hall, a tennis, basketball, and football playground. Also, science and computer labs, a specialist art and music room, and comprehensive libraries of academic resources.

Our teachers are highly experienced and passionate about education

CAS rests on quality teachers, all are dedicated to providing an exceptional education for every child. CAS teachers are subject-matter experts with high expectations, and guide students to become confident, ambitious learners.

Through rigorous recruitment we hire brilliant teachers, resulting in low teacher turnover unlike all schools.

Our early year’s department provides an exciting start

By balancing learning of the basics with inquiry-based learning, we apply the best of early years’ learning to ensure the best start for our children. Our innovative approach to early childhood education values the child as confident, capable and resilient, rich with knowledge.

Well-being and feeling safe are a priority 

We believe children learn best when they’re happy and secure in a stimulating and nurturing environment. CAS cares about each other and basically wants to influence for the better.

We embrace the individuality of every child. The CAS Inclusion Department provides an effective program for gifted children and children of determination (special needs).

We offer a wide range of enrichment extra- activities

CAS provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities to help students cultivate individual interests and talents, and develop their social skills.

You will know how well your child is progressing at CAS

We have adopted some of the best technologies, methodologies and tests for tracking students’ progress.

  • School system –Parents can access student records including grades, discipline attendance and any additional information. 
  •  Class dojo – is a school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom home through photos, videos, and messages.
  • International Benchmark Tests – These tests enable us to compare student performance internationally, between grades and over time. Detailed reports provide information about a student’s strengths and areas of improvement in all subjects.
  • MAP Skills – This program gives parents and students an opportunity to see and develop their strengths and weaknesses in English, Math and Science.